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23/03/24 – Social Welfare Means Tests

Important Issues Discussed at Social Protection Committee Today: Carers Allowance, Fuel Allowance, and Bank Account Details Today’s discussion touched upon some crucial topics that affect many people in our community

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11/03/24 – Assessment of Needs

Assessment of Needs Today, I want to address a pressing issue that affects many families in our community: the Assessment of Needs process. It’s concerning that despite repeated efforts and

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29/02/24 – Housing Aid Grants

Yesterday, I once again raised urgent issues concerning the Housing Aid Grant. Too many families are facing shortfalls in funding for essential housing adaptations, jeopardising their ability to stay in

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17/02/24 – Illegal Dumping

Combatting Illegal Dumping I’m pleased to acknowledge Minister of State Ossian Smyths confirmation that local authorities can now utilise CCTV cameras in tackling illegal dumping. This is a significant step

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17/02/24 – School Place Shortage

Addressing School Place Shortages Today, I’d like to bring attention to the pressing issues regarding school places in our community. This is a matter of great concern that I’ve consistently

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